A brief history of Living Lively

In 2010 the Department of the health funded a research project that investigated whether regular social singing could have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of people over 50.


Over 250 people, most of whom had never sung before, took part in the project, singing in one of five singing groups.


At the end of the project over 100 of the participants wished to continue singing and Living Lively was set up to allow this to continue.


Our first four singing groups opened in January 2011 and in our first year we opened a further 4 groups. .


During 2012 we opened a number of new groups and now have 14 groups meeting each week including our first group in Hampshire. Subject to funding we will be running a number of pilots in new areas during 2014 so please do check this site regularly to see if we are now working in your local area.


Living Lively is a Registered Charity. Although we pay the people who lead our groups, most of the other work involved in running the charity is done on a voluntary basis including administration, fundraising and finance. Our work is overseen by an independent board of Trustees with decades of experience in the charitable and not-for-profit sector.

Picture gallery

Here are some pictures of our work in action including our singing groups, exercise for people over 50 and a Sing Lively event.